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TS 3000 450W LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum

TS 3000 450W LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum

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Low Energy Consumption LED Grow Light

Consuming 450w and also placed with 1016 pcs chips, TS3000 is able to replace a 600w HPS light while saving 25% electricity.

High Performance LED Grow Light

With an overall light output of PPF 1151umol/S and leading PPE 2.7 umol/j, it's 50%, even more, photon efficient as well as can promise a 30% more yield compared to the old HPS/MH lights.

Patented Reflective Hood Design

The reflector style on TS3000 has been patented, which can successfully gather the light spread in all directions to enhance its light intensity and also aid plants absorb more light.

Home-Use And Commercially-Viable LED Grow Light

TS3000 performs well in efficiency and light coverage that is suitable for both home cultivation and commercial projects, able to operate on 120VAC and 240VAC, and 277VAC.

Full Spectrum Advanced Spectra

By the special combination of spectra that emits most light in the 400-700nm waveband, is extremely good for plant photosynthesis. Sufficient IR(730-740nm) is in the spectrum to induce bigger buds.

Dimming And Daisy Chain Capability Available

Leveraging a separate dimmer on the removable driver, it supports 0-100% illumination modification and up to 15 LEDs daisy-chained in series, it supplies different light brightness for various plant stages and meanwhile reduces power waste. '

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