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Mars Hydro

Smart Grow System FC-E3000 Bridgelux 300w LED Grow Light

Smart Grow System FC-E3000 Bridgelux 300w LED Grow Light

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Smart-Grow FC-E3000, member of the Mars Hydro smart grow system, is one of the first revealed smart LED grow lights which support phone control and growth scheduling. Densely installed with 1184 pcs BridgeLux chips, giving a high PPFD of 1000umol/m²/s, suitable for personal cultivation and veg room. UV and IR are added to the full spectrum to meet the plant's growing needs.

  • Wattage - 300w
  • Veg Coverage - 3'x3'
  • Flower Coverage - 2.5'x2.5'

For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists.

The First Member of Mars Hydro Smart Grow System To Be Revealed

Smart LED grow lights that support mobile control and programming via Mars Hydro APP. More integrated smart products to be involved soon.

Smart APP Control ON/OFF And Dimming

Provide mobile access to your LED grow lights with WIFI or Bluetooth. Turn your LED grow lights ON/OFF and adjust their brightness with only a few clicks through fingers.

Precise Configuration & Automatic Dimming

Precisely configuring the intensity down to the month/day/hour/minute to achieve dynamic lighting levels and simulated sunrise and sunset to mimic natural photoperiod in plants. The dimming schedules will run automatically to guard complete growth from seed to harvest. Several planting schedules have been prepared for reference.

Enable Wireless Control Of Over Multiple Lights

Simultaneous switching and dimming of multiple grow lights without extra cords. Different lighting groups are also available for independent management when you have separate rooms.

Professional LED Grow Light Performance

Bar design with adjustable spacing ensures an excellent heat dissipation for better thermal management. Photosynthetically beneficial full spectrum and the photo efficacy of 2.8umol/j promise good yields and high quality production.

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