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Peperomia Hope

Peperomia Hope

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Looking for an adorable, low-maintenance houseplant? Peperomia hope (Peperomia tetraphylla) is a great choice. It is characterized by small, green, coin-shaped leaves and a trailing growth habit. The plant is a hybrid of Peperomia deppeana and Peperomia quadrifolia. It is often confused with another small, round-leaved Peperomia cultivar—Peperomia rotundifolia—also known as the trailing jade peperomia. However, these are two separate and distinct cultivars. Peperomia Hope can be distinguished from the trailing jade peperomia by its thicker leaves which grow in clumps of three or four spaced further apart along the stem.

Botanical Name  Peperomia tetraphylla 
Common Name  Peperomia Hope, Acorn Peperomia, Four-leaved Peperomia 
Family  Piperaceae 
Plant Type  Perennial 
Mature Size  8 in. wide, 12 in. tall 
Sun Exposure  Partial 
Soil Type  Moist but well-drained 
Soil pH  Acidic 
Bloom Time Spring, summer
Flower Color  Green, brown 
Hardiness Zones  10-12, US 
Native Area  Central America, South America

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