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Ivy Algerian

Ivy Algerian

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Algerian ivy is a sturdy, shade-loving plant that makes a reliable and attractive ground cover. It is low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of climates and soil conditions. Algerian ivy has both variegated varieties and solid dark green, but the variegated is much more common. The variegated leaves have a glossy, lustrous texture and bold dramatic coloring including shades of dark green, pale green, silvery grey, and creamy white, with a marbled appearance, making Hedera algeriensis popular with home gardeners and garden designers.

The large leaves remain evergreen, lending year-round color and interest. The growth habit lends itself to covering a trellis or gate, scrambling over a bed beneath a tree, or pruned and trained into a sculptural shape, but its most popular use is as a ground cover. Being fast-growing and with sturdy roots, it can help control erosion and is used for this purpose in coastal California. Plant Algerian ivy in the fall or spring, before or after seasonal frost.

Botanical Name Hedera algeriensis
Common Name Algerian ivy, Canary Island ivy, Madeira ivy
Plant Type Evergreen vine
Mature Size 20-40 ft. long vine, 3-ft. spread
Sun Exposure Partial shade to partial sun
Soil Type Neutral, well-draining
Soil pH Neutral, slightly acidic
Bloom Time Spring
Flower Color Flowers rarely; light green
Hardiness Zones 7-11 (USDA)
Native Areas North Africa
Toxicity Toxic to humans and animals
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