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Hoya Pubicalyx 6 inch pot

Hoya Pubicalyx 6 inch pot

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For a no-fuss succulent vine, the Hoya pubicalyx is one of those must-have houseplants. It produces beautiful fragrant flowers. The plant has deep green lanceolate leaves. Sometimes you even find the foliage decorated with greyish specks and purplish-gray stems.

The porcelain flower belongs to the Apocynaceae family. Native to the Philippines, it has green foliage with dusty pink star-shaped flowers. Yes, pronouncing the name is hard. According to the NC State Univerisity, you pronounce it as HOY-a pew-bih-KAL-iks.

You will love the sweet scent of the blooms that are more noticeable at night. The fantastic thing is that this Hoya plant protects its young with Anthocyanin. It is a natural pigment protecting the young or soft leaves from too much light.

To add beauty to any living space, you can hang it in a basket or place them in terrestrial pots. One thing to prepare yourself with is that it is a fast-growing plant.

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