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Clay Pebbles 4/8MM

Clay Pebbles 4/8MM

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Very tiny clay pebbles, perfect for decorative clay pebble tray. Clay pebbles are used for hydroponic applications as a medium, aerator, for improved soil drainage, or as a water pebble tray to add extra humidity for your plants. Their air to moisture ratio makes them ideal for hydroponics. It holds water extremely well and offers good capillary action. It is reusable, clean, and odorless. Reuse over and over by rinsing out roots then sterilizing a very mild bleach solution (about 1/2 cup per gallon of water). Rinse well before using!


  • 100% mineral, inorganic, and biological
  • chemically neutral, structurally stable, odourless and germ free
  • resistant to rotting, decay, and decomposition
  • no danger of soil borne pests
  • safe hold and optimal supply of the plant
  • ensures better root growth & quicker nutrient uptake
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