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Advanced Nutrients



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Experienced Growers Colonize their Root Zone!
And add hand-selected strains of natural beneficial microbes to their growing medium.

Because here’s the thing…

When you unleash vast colonies of microbes into your root zone . . .

You’re creating the optimal conditions for building compound-rich biomass . . .

And walking away with higher quantities of potent, heavy flowers that put subpar bud to shame.

Imagine increasing your yields by making ONE small change . . .

And adding a root expander into your feeding regimen!

You see, your root zone acts like a highway for nutrients entering your cannabis plants.

And beneficial microbes expand this highway, making it wider and more productive . . . So crucial plant-potentiating nutrition can contribute to your most rewarding harvest yet.

In fact, we’d be hard pressed to think of a single cup-winning grower who neglected this much-needed root zone nourishment.
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