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Advanced Nutrients

Big Bud Powder

Big Bud Powder

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* Flower Buds Swell Up Faster and Larger* Increases Value of Flowers and Produce* Creates More Floral Growth & Higher Quality Flowers Are you sure your flowers are the biggest and best? Are you really sure? Because if you're not sure, then you might be missing out on the maximum benefits your garden can provide you. Big Bud ultra-premium flower power hydroponics formula uses amino acids and other special ingredients to make plants devote all their energy and resources to making massive flowers. No other bloom boosting product comes close to the time-tested, garden-proven Big Bud formula that guarantees better harvest returns. Big Bud's custom-engineered formula provides precise ratios of potent flower enhancers so you get massive harvests faster. Other companies make weak hydroponics boosters containing unstable, unusable ingredients. Our product is loaded with optimized amino acids, floral enhancers and nutrients that increase flower diameter, weight and density.  Relentless quality control and rigorous research ensure Big Bud is the world's premium formula for giving you more profitable harvests. Key Point: When using the powder version of Big Bud you should dissolve the powder in a container of water before adding it to the reservoir

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